Dress Code and Personal Hygiene

The dress code at the University is business casual. All clothing must be clean, neat and free of any tears or rips. In addition, any uniforms that are required for your position must be properly maintained and worn clean at all times.

Employees should not wear suggestive attire, shorts, flip flops, novelty/printed T-shirts or buttons, hats, or similarly casual attire and/or accessories that do not present a businesslike appearance. Hair should be clean, combed, and neatly trimmed and arranged. Sideburns, moustaches, and beards should also be neatly trimmed.

All employees must observe good habits of grooming and personal hygiene. Body odor, regardless of the cause should not create distractions in the workplace.

If you arrive to work dressed in a manner that does not conform to our standards of appropriate dress, you may be requested to return home to change into more appropriate clothes. This absence from work will not be considered work time.