Leave of Absence

Goodwin University permits a leave of absence in certain circumstances to enable all full-time employees to meet personal and professional obligations, or to address medical issues as appropriate. All leaves of absence must be approved in accordance with this policy, and you are required to comply with expectations related to documentation and communication with Human Resources and your management team before and during any leave of absence.

Salary Continuation:

  • Paid Time Off: employees must use the first 70 hours of PTO to cover their time out except for five days, which must remain available for their return to work. If the employee is not yet eligible for benefits, this option is not available.
  • Short-term disability (STD): subject to approval by short-term disability provider. In accordance with their policy, two weeks of PTO must be taken before STD can be used. STD pays 60% of salary. For more information on this option, please see "Disability" section below.
  • Under no circumstances may an employee be granted a "work-at-home" arrangement while on medical leave. If your medical condition prohibits you from reporting to work and performing your duties as expected, you must use one of the options noted above in order to receive salary continuation.

How Disability Works

Goodwin University provides short-term and long-term disability to all full-time employees as part of its standard benefits package, as a means of continuing salary during a medical illness. You may apply for disability coverage if you anticipate being absent for more than two continuous weeks due to an illness. During this time, you must communicate with your supervisor and Human Resources in a proactive manner regarding when you expect to return to work, including any changes to this information. In addition, you are responsible for ensuring that your physician provides the required documentation to Human Resources and the disability insurance carrier as quickly as possible. This will enable the disability insurance carrier to make a timely decision about the status of the disability claim, and minimize the disruption of work at the University.

Once the approved disability period ends, you must return to work the next business day. In the event that a disability claim is denied, you must return to work immediately (e.g. the next business day after being notified) or promptly begin the process for appealing the decision, if appropriate. If you do not comply with these expectations, or fail to return to work promptly, the University reserves the right to presume that you are resigning from your position at the University.

If you choose to not apply for disability, then your absence will be regarded as a request for a personal leave of absence, and subject to the approval process noted below under Personal Leave of Absence.

Military Leave

Goodwin University grants an unpaid leave of absence to employees who participate in US Armed Forces Reserve or National Guard training programs and/or active military duty, in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Military Training and Service Act and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). Employees must keep their supervisors fully informed of pending military service, military address while on active service and a return-to-work-from-duty date.

For military leave when the employee is called to active military duty, (s)he must submit copies of the military orders to his/her supervisor as soon as practicable. The employee will then be granted a military leave for the period of military service, in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. An employee who is a Reservist or member of the National Guard will be granted time off without pay for required military training. Reinstatement after military leave or completed training is determined in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Benefits can be earned during this leave period.

Leave for Witnesses/Victims of Crime and Victims of Family Violence

In appropriate circumstances, Goodwin University will grant an unpaid leave of absence for witnesses and victims of crime and victims of family violence. Employees may use available PTO if their supervisor approves. For more information about the leave available for these circumstances, please contact Human Resources.