Employment Separation

Voluntary Separation: We ask that you provide your supervisors with as much advance notice in writing as possible. The resignation letter should include the date of the notice, as well as the date of your last day at work, and the reason(s) for separation. Once your resignation letter is submitted, all future vacation and/or personal time off requests will not be honored except for a documented illness. Failure to provide sufficient notice results in significant problems for students and the University. Whenever practicable, please try to time your departure to coincide with the conclusion of a Goodwin University semester.

On or before the date of separation, you must return any and all Goodwin University property. The last day worked cannot be a vacation, personal or sick day (except for documented illness). Upon termination, you are paid through the last day worked and for any unused accrued PTO. All final wages and payments will be paid in your final pay check in accordance with the University’s next scheduled pay cycle. Prior to the date of separation, you are also responsible for paying back any loans or other advancements you may have had with the University.

Goodwin University reserves the right to accelerate any notice period and make your resignation effective immediately, if necessary.

Involuntary Separation: Human Resources reviews and approves all involuntary terminations. All Goodwin University property must be returned to the employee's supervisor or Human Resources at the time of termination. The University later sends you any relevant benefit paperwork including 401K, Life Insurance, COBRA within the required amount of time after the termination date.

Goodwin University provides you with a written notice describing rights granted under COBRA when you become eligible for coverage under the University’s health insurance plan. The notice contains important information about your rights and obligations. You are required to sign off whenever possible, whether you want to continue coverage or not.

Keys: Direct supervisors will make arrangements with Human Resources and the VP of Facilities for new employees to be issued keys if deemed necessary. Upon separation from the University, employees must return all issued keys to Human Resources prior to the final paycheck being issued. If the employee changes department/position, all unneeded keys must be returned to Human Resources.

Breaks in service: If you resign from Goodwin University for a period of time and come back to work as an employee, your prior service will be counted towards your overall service in regards to benefit eligibility and service awards. In the event that an adjunct does not teach for three consecutive semesters, they will automatically be terminated in our payroll system. If an adjunct plans to teach in the future, they must meet with Human Resources to go through the rehire process.

Exit Interviews: Separated employees may be referred to Human Resources for an exit interview, on or before their last day of work. The purpose of conducting exit interviews is to identify the reason(s) for the resignation. This practice allows the University to monitor and track employees’ feedback, analyze trends within specific departments and improve our recruitment strategies. However, it is important to note that significant problems in the workplace should be brought forward immediately and should not wait until you've made the decision to leave.