Professional Development

Employees are encouraged to seek out, and participate in, professional development activities each year.  Professional development is intended to strengthen an employee’s skills and attributes in his/her current position, prepare for a future position, or further develop areas of expertise.  The University may sponsor a professional development activity, up to a certain dollar amount, based on funding availability and strategic priorities.

Employees can participate in a wide variety of professional development activities, including but not limited to: presenting at a professional workshop or conference; attending a professional workshop or conference; pursing an academic degree or professional credential; taking an online training course; reading books and or articles; contributing to a key work project; and participating in coaching from a supervisor, organizational leader or mentor.
Participation in professional development activities is a factor considered in the employee’s annual performance assessment.  Employees should submit a summary of their professional development activities during the year to his/her supervisor as part of the annual performance review. Copies will be provided to Human Resources for placement in the employee’s employment file.

All professional development activities that are scheduled to occur during work time and/or sponsored by the University must be approved in advance by the management team.  Faculty members are responsible for arranging for and providing class coverage and communicating the details of the arrangement to the Dean well in advance of the scheduled event.

With prior management approval, the University will cover the cost of professional development activities as well as reimburse for appropriate expenses as determined by the nature and extent of the meeting or workshop.