Policy Definitions

Spouse: Spouse means a husband or wife as defined or recognized under state law for purposes of marriage in the state where the employee resides, including "common law" marriage and same-sex marriage.

Dependent Child: A Dependent student is defined by FAFSA regulations. If a student is deemed dependent at the beginning of his/her program, and is progressing consistently and successfully, Goodwin University will continue to allow tuition remission for this dependent to complete his/her program of study even if the student’s dependency status changes before completion of that program of study.

Academic Calendar Year: A period of three-semesters including September, January, and May.

INC/NS Grades: In order to continue to be eligible for the tuition benefit for a future semester, you must also continue to meet all of the tuition benefit requirements such as not earning an F, UG or NS grade in any of your classes. In addition, should you earn an INC in any of your courses, your tuition benefit eligibility will be suspended until the INC grade is resolved. In the meantime, you would be responsible for all tuition and fees. If the INC grade is resolved satisfactorily, the tuition benefit would resume at that point (not retroactively) – for example, if you resolve the INC grade after the standard add/drop period for the first mod, you would only be eligible for the benefit for the second mod.