Welcome from the Provost

Dear Colleague:

As you peruse this Faculty Handbook, you may notice that the University is continuing to develop and refine its academic and faculty policies to meet the evolving needs of the University and Faculty. For example, the Faculty Senate and academic leadership will continue to refine the expectations associated with each academic rank. Furthermore, the policies related to Faculty Scholarly Leave, Professor Emeritus and Faculty Fellowship opportunities are examples of the additional ways in which the academic leadership can honor and support the important work of the professoriate.

Our students, as well as the visitors who spend time on our campus, consistently identify our faculty as one of the University's greatest strengths. The University's leadership team knows that you, our student-centered faculty, are committed to the academic and personal success of your students. Thank you for your hard work and continued commitment to these students, and to the University.



Danielle Wilken

Provost and Dean of Faculty