Financial Aid/Loan Students

If a student withdraws from the university or a course, he/she may be subject to a financial aid award reduction or cancellation.  This can result in a student personally owing money to the university.  Students should contact the Financial Aid office before withdrawing.

Appealing Financial Aid/Finance Issues

Students may resolve financial aid/finance-related issues by appealing to the Record Review Committee (RRC).  The RRC is comprised of various members of administrative departments at Goodwin University.  Students are required to submit their concerns in writing on a Petition Form located on the Registrar’s page of the Goodwin University website.  Students must include all pertinent documentation to substantiate their claims.  The committee meets weekly and will respond to each student’s request within thirty (30) days of receiving the petition.  If students are not satisfied with the decision of the RRC, they may appeal to the Goodwin University Appeals Board for a final decision.

Single Course/Workshop Refund Policy

For all single courses and workshops, the university will retain 100% of the tuition once the student has attended class.

Refund Policy for Students Participating in Federal Title IV Student Aid Programs

If a student participates in Federal Title IV Financial Aid, the university will first calculate the Return to Title IV and then apply the Institutional Refund Policy.  For those students not participating in Federal Title IV Financial Aid, only the Institutional Refund Policy will apply.  FederalTitle IV funds include Federal Pell Grants, Federal College Work-Study, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Direct Loans and Direct PLUS Loans.  A student's Title IV monies are adjusted when the student drops a course or earns an NS (no show) grade. An NS grade does not establish attendance.  Each NS grade results in a $200 charge.  Title IV Funds cannot be used for this $200 charge.

Return of Title IV Funds:   The university must return any unearned portion of monies received under any of the Title IV programs.  This calculation is based on the parameters set forth in section 668.22(e)(1) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.  This is a proportional calculation based upon the student’s date of withdrawal.  Students must attend 60.01% of an enrollment period in order to earn all of their financial aid for the applicable semester. Students will be notified of any balance owed to the university as a result of the refund calculations.

This is a synopsis of the Return to Title IV calculation and not the entire policy.  The student may see the entire policy along with work sheets and examples in the Financial Aid Office’s Policies and Procedures Manual.  Students who withdraw and re-enter are subject to all the regulations and policies in effect at the time of re-entry.