Health Science, Associate in Science

This program is designed to allow students the flexibility to plan a course of study that best suits their educational and professional needs through four available areas of emphasis:  healthcare career exploration, pre-professional, associate degree completion and transfer to a baccalaureate degree.  Students work closely with an academic advisor in order to determine their individual professional goals and develop a plan of study to meet those goals.

Students interested in pursuing careers in Histologic Science and Medical Billing and Coding can simultaneously pursue a certificate in these areas, while earning an associate degree in Health Science. In addition, students who complete their certificate in Medical Assisting can also apply those credits toward the associate degree in Health Science. Students should meet with their academic advisor for more information.

Healthcare Career Exploration concentration provides students pursuing a general degree in Health Science the opportunity to explore various careers and aspects of healthcare. This concentration is intended to serve students who have not yet decided on a specific healthcare profession but are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare.

Associate Degree Completion concentration allows individuals who have already obtained a nationally-recognized certification or license the opportunity to gain collegiate credit and work towards the completion of an associate degree.  Additionally, students completing certificate program requirements in Histologic Science and Medical Billing and Coding may apply these credits towards completion of this associate degree.

Transfer concentration allows students to complete the degree program with the intention of pursuing a bachelor's degree in Health Science or a related field.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills that represent competence and professionalism in the healthcare field;

  2. Identify the ethical, legal and regulatory framework of the healthcare industry;

  3. Identify and analyze bioethical issues facing healthcare practitioners and the healthcare environment;

  4. Identify and describe the different roles of health professionals;

  5. Demonstrate accurate problem-solving abilities when working as a health professional while at an internship;

  6. Appreciate and embrace diversity, differing belief and value systems, as well as appreciate individual opinions;

  7. Develop self-directed learning skills needed for independent and lifelong learning; and

  8. Effectively use information technology to participate in learning activities.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all the general Associate graduation requirements as stated in the catalog.  In addition, students must complete all Health Science major core requirements with a minimum cumulative grade point average (C.G.P.A.) of 2.0.


Associate in Health Science

General Education Core - 21-22 Credits

ENG 101English Composition


ENG 1XXEnglish Elective


MATH 1XXMathematics (MATH)


Science (BIO, CHEM, SCI)


Social Science (PSY or SOC)


Humanities (HIS, PHIL, SPAN, HUM)


General Education Elective**


** Elective credits may be from any General Education course, unless directed by the Program. General Education courses contain the following prefixes: ENG, MATH, STAT, CAP, COM, BIO, CHEM, SCI, HIS, HUM, PHIL, SPAN, PSY, and SOC.

Health Science Major Core - Minimum of 9 Credits

HSC 101Introduction to Healthcare


HSC 105Medical Terminology


HSC 111Medical Law and Ethics


HSC 120Health and Wellness


HSC 205Plague, Epidemics and Society


HSC 240Introduction to Alternative and Complementary Medicine



Health Science Electives - Minimum of 12 Credits

Twelve (12) credits from the courses offered by the School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Open Electives – Minimum of 18 Credits

Students opting for the Healthcare Career Exploration concentration should choose electives based on individual goals and needs.  Students opting for the Associate Degree Completion concentration may be awarded credit for licensure, certification, or registry in a healthcare profession.  This credit can be applied to the Health Science or open elective credit requirement.

Total Credit Hours: 60-61