Environmental Health, Minor

Environmental Health is the science and practice of preventing human injury and illness and promoting well-being by: 1) identifying and evaluating environmental sources and hazardous agents and 2) limiting exposures to hazardous physical, chemical, and biological agents in air, water, soil, food, and other environmental media or settings that may adversely affect human health. The Environmental Health minor will prepare public health students for careers that intersect between environmental health and public health.

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. Apply environmental, safety and health management skills in workplace settings. 

  2. Implement written workplace procedures in the environmental, health, and safety fields. 

  3. Describe concepts of workplace safety and environmental management and be able to understand the roles and responsibilities of the EHS professionals and the decision-making process involved in everyday situations. 

  4. Provide guidance in planning and implementing practices that promote safety and prevent workplace accidents.

  5. Use communication and interpersonal skills to establish the respect and authority an EHS professional needs to surmount institutional barriers for employee well-being and environmental protection.

  6. Identify environmental factors that affect occupational health and safety.

  7. Analyze the impact of local, state, and federal legislation, regulations, and standards on public health practice and environmental health outcomes.

  8. Explain product safety requirements of the marketplace and describe engineering and management techniques to meet them.

  9. Identify and appraise sources of data used in environmental health.


Minor in Environmental Health 

Environmental Health Minor Requirements - 15 Credits

ENV 250Environmental Contaminants and Sanitation


ENV 320Environmental and Industry Toxicology


ENV 330Principles of Environmental Health


ENV 310Environmental Public Policy, Theory and Practices


ENV 420Environmental Health Planning


Total Credit Hours: 15