Influencing Organizational Leadership, Certificate

Long term competitiveness for any organization relies on effective communication of fresh ideas and innovation from front line employees up through the ranks of senior level leadership. The question is how to ensure this communication is welcomed and occurs? This certificate provides an opportunity to help business professionals looking to advance their careers. Participants in this program will strengthen both communication and relationship building skills with senior level executives with the intention of successfully leading change with an organization. 

There are four courses to be completed to earn the certificate in influencing leaders. This certificate is not a “one size fits all” approach but a true opportunity to determine how an individual can make a positive impact on the organization. This will lead participants to more confident, constructive, and effective conversations with senior leadership which will transform participants and organizations in the process.


Required Courses

OL 510Leadership Practices in Organizational Communications


OL 525Special Topics in Leadership


OL 660Leading Organizational Change


OL 680Engaging with Senior Executives


Total Credit Hours: 12