Business Startup, Certificate

In this 18 credit certificate, students will receive the fundamentals of taking a business from idea to launch. Students will explore basic accounting and bookkeeping skills needed to run their own business as well as to oversee professionals they may use to help maintain financial records. Students will explore management and their management style. They will learn about incorporation types, contract review and partnership agreements in a business law class. They will learn to review a lease and assess a property. They will be provided guidance on marketing and they will complete a business plan.

Graduation Requirements

Certificate in Business Startup 

First Semester

BUS 101Introduction to Management


BUS 142Introduction to Property Management


BUS 215Marketing


Second Semester

ACC 235Accounting Information Systems


BUS 110Business Law and Ethics


BUS 150Small Business and Entrepreneurship


Students must pass all classes to graduate.

Total Credit Hours: 18