Graduation Requirements

Goodwin University is committed to prepare competent, productive problem solvers who appreciate the diversity of our society, maintain inquiring minds, and embrace lifelong learning. This goal is achieved through the following practices:

Writing requirements span across all our programs and courses. Students become skilled, perceptive, analytical readers and critical thinkers by writing research papers. Utilizing both inductive and deductive reasoning, students evolve into proficient writers capable of conducting scholarly research.

Both content-specific communication courses and embedded material in General Education courses are required for degree students, resulting in students' mastery of effective methods of relating information. Participation requirements include discussions, teamwork and presentations allowing students to practice critical thinking techniques and collaboration skills.

Mathematics and science courses encourage students to develop inquiring minds by analyzing and synthesizing data, experimenting and drawing solutions, cultivating logical thinking, and using the scientific method.

Philosophy, psychology, or sociology courses prepare students to understand the relevance of the humanities and social sciences to contemporary, local, and world conditions.

History requirements allow students to prepare for their future by learning about the past, appreciate the lessons learned over time by American and world cultures, and find methods to translate this knowledge critically to their lives.

All courses at Goodwin University encourage students to make positive contributions to society by exploring their own talents, experiencing personal growth, and becoming valuable members of their community.

Computer Literacy Test Out Option

Students who do not have transfer credit for CAP 110 are required to either take the course or demonstrate proficiency on the test out option, known as CAP 005CAP 005 is a zero credit, one to two hour test administered online in the Blackboard learning management system.  If CAP 005 is passed, students may select a General Education course of their choice.  Students decide upon initial enrollment if they wish to take the test out option.  If so, they will be registered for CAP 005 during the first mod they enroll.  Students who do not pass or do not complete the test during their designated timeframe sign up for the course the following mod or semester.  Students who have already attempted a section of CAP 110 or the CBE are not eligible to take CAP 005.  The expectation for students is that they will take the test with honesty so they have a valid assessment of their skills using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, which are necessary for success in Goodwin courses.