NUR 450 Caring for Adults with Complex Health Alterations

This culminating nursing course provides students with experiences designed to promote the integration of nursing methods in the care of adults experiencing complex alterations in physical and psychological health function. Students use the nursing process to promote restoration and rehabilitation and assist clients in achieving optimal levels of wellness. Emphasis is on care of clients with acute alterations in health related to respiratory and cardiovascular status; neurological status; sepsis, shock, and multi-system failure; trauma and burns; musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal status; and cancer. All nursing skills, including application of therapeutic and pharmacological modalities, psychomotor skills, teaching and communication are included and critical thinking and ethical-legal considerations are integrated. Clinical experiences provide opportunity for establishing priorities, decision-making, achieving increased independence and care management in the provision of client care and are provided in acute in-patient medical-surgical settings.




NUR 305, NUR 335, and NUR 430


NUR 435 and NUR 457