Anti-Violence Policy

Violence is not tolerated at Goodwin University. All University employees and students share a responsibility, and should therefore strive, to create and maintain an environment that is free from violence.

Violence includes assaults, threats, bullying, stalking, intimidation, and other disruptive behaviors. It can involve oral, written, or electronic statements, gestures, or expressions that communicate a direct or indirect threat of harm.

All members of the Goodwin community have a duty to report actual or potential violence on University property, or during a University-approved activity. All reports shall be taken seriously and investigated. No reprisals will be taken against any individual who makes a report, unless it is found to be of a vexatious or retaliatory nature.

Any person who finds him/herself in imminent danger while on University property or engaged in any University-approved activity should immediately contact the East Hartford Police Department and Campus Security when reasonably possible. The primary consideration is to ensure the safety of that person(s) as well as any other person in the immediate vicinity who might be at risk.

Campus Security may contact the East Hartford Police Department in non-emergency situations depending on the circumstances or at the victim's request.

Nothing in this policy shall prevent any member of the Goodwin community from directly contacting a police service or other appropriate emergency response agency.

Any individual who commits or plans a violent act on University premises may be banned from all campuses and/or subject to disciplinary actions, criminal charges, or both.

In addition to the processes described above, the University is committed to providing support services to victims of violence. Members of the University community who are victims of violence will have access to the Counseling Services, which may be contacted at (860) 913-2159 or (860) 913-2021. Additional information about the Counseling Services can be found on the website