Financial Aid/Academic Probation and Academic Plans

If the College approves the appeal and determines that the student can meet SAP standards by the end of the subsequent semester, the student will be assigned the status of Financial Aid/Academic Probation and will have his/her eligibility to receive federal financial aid funds reinstated for one semester.

If the student will not be able to meet the minimum SAP standards by the end of the probationary semester, even with all "A" grades, the student will be placed on an Academic Plan. The Academic Plan may require the student to fulfill specific terms and conditions such as a reduced course load or enrolling in specific tutoring or mentoring programs provided by the College. The student will be eligible to receive federal financial aid funds for the Academic Plan period as long as the College determines, at the end of each semester, that the student has met the requirements specified by the College in the Academic Plan for the student, and otherwise meets all federal financial aid eligibility requirements.

If the student does not meet SAP requirements at the end of the Financial Aid/Academic Probation, or if (s)he fails to meet his/her objectives under the Academic Plan, the student is no longer eligible to receive Federal financial aid funds.