MATH 097 Topics in Arithmetic

This course develops the basic mathematical skills required for all subsequent mathematics courses. Topics include whole numbers, estimation, rounding, order of operations, exponents, fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, square roots, signed numbers, algebraic expressions, solving linear equations in one variable, and introduction to probability and statistics.  Students must show competency on 8 curriculum modules. Students have access to videos, assignments, and quizzes both in the math lab and also from any computer with internet access. The class meets weekly at a scheduled time for 3 hours. Students are required to spend an additional 9 hours outside of their allocated class time or reach the weekly target, whichever comes first. Each student is also expected to spend a minimum of 2 additional hours in the math lab at their convenience during math lab hours. Math 097 does not count towards credit requirement for any certificate or degree programs. 




Placement Evaluation Score


F, Sp, Su