Goodwin Achievement Program (GAP)

A new student may qualify for participation in the Goodwin Achievement Program (GAP) based on his/her interview, pre-registration testing, and receipt of proof of immunization and either an official high school transcript, General Equivalency Diploma (GED), or State Authorized High School Equivalent Certificate. If eligible, GAP students start in the General Studies program. Upon successful completion of GAP, students work with an advisor to move into their program of choice. GAP consists of college readiness courses to refresh basic skills and learn additional skills necessary for core, college-level work. GAP offers a student:

  • A learning community—a group of students completing courses together, creating opportunities to make friends and build supportive relationships for success.
  • Small classes—limited enrollment of fifteen (15) students, providing more support for learning and more time with instructors.

The six credit hour pre-collegiate course that supports the GAP program is:

  • GAP 088 Foundations for College Success

The student must earn a grade of C or higher in GAP 088 or they will not be able to continue at the college.