Incoming students register for classes by visiting with an applicant advisor as part of the Admission process.

Returning students officially register for the upcoming semester in week 7 of their current semester. Specific information about each registration period is available on the college website beginning week 4 of each semester and course offerings are available at Students are encouraged to access the Goodwin College website home page for registration details. Students should also check their Goodwin College e-mail for registration reminders.

Before official registration begins, students should:

  1. Meet with their program director or Academic advisor to choose courses.
  2. Check that their FAFSA is current.
  3. Check for registration holds in Sonis.
  4. Clear up holds.

Students who do not register during the official registration period will be charged a $100 late registration fee to register during the late registration period. Students may revise their registration during late registration and throughout the add/drop period. After the add/drop period, students wishing to add a second module course may do so before the seventh day of the second module. Changes made during the add/drop period may result in changes in tuition and/or fees. Students should reference the institutional refund policy for any financial penalties that may occur because of a change in registration during the add/drop period. All changes made to registration are subject to review by the Financial Aid Office, Business Office, and the Registrar before they are considered final.