Goodwin College offers students pursuing a bachelor’s degree an opportunity to choose a minor to serve as a secondary area of interest.  Minors may extend a student’s scope of study in a related field or balance their major through study in a completely different field.

Minors are 15 credits.  Completion of a minor requires that a student earn a C (2.0) grade or better in each of the required courses for that minor. No more than 9 credits may be used to meet both major/general education/concentration and minor course requirements.  Students can substitute up to six credits with permission of the Dean and Program Director.  A maximum of 6 transfer credits may be applied toward the minor.  At this time a student may not earn more than one minor.

Refer to the appropriate Academic Department page for specific minor curriculum requirements.

To be considered for a minor, students entering their last semester must apply for a minor through the Registrar’s Office when submitting their application for award of credential. After completion of requirements, the minor will be recorded on the student’s final transcript.