Grading System

Grades are an indication of the standard of academic work performed. Throughout their program of study, students will be continually apprised of their academic progress. Students’ grades are provided at the end of each course. Students may view their unofficial transcript by logging into their Sonis account. Requests for official transcripts must be filled out online at: Students must pay a $10.00 administrative fee which can be paid by debit or credit. Official transcripts are released by the Registrar's Office only after all other offices have issued clearances for the student.  

Goodwin College uses the following academic grading system. The chart also describes the impact of each grade on a student’s academic progress.

Grade Quality Points Explanation Included in Credits Earned Included in Credits Attempted
A (93-100) 4.0 Excellent Yes Yes
A- (90-92) 3.7 Excellent Yes Yes
B+ (87-89) 3.3 Good Yes Yes
B (83-86) 3.0 Good Yes Yes
B- (80-82) 2.7 Good Yes Yes
C+ (77-79) 2.3 Satisfactory Yes Yes
C (73-76) 2.0 Satisfactory Yes Yes
C- (70-72) 1.7 Below Average Yes Yes
D+ (67-69) 1.3 Poor Yes Yes
D (63-66) 1.0 Poor Yes Yes
D- (60-62) 0.7 Poor Yes Yes
F (below 60) 0.0 Fail No Yes

Grades followed by an "R" on transcripts indicate that the course has been repeated.

Grades not used in the calculation of Grade Point Average:

Grade Quality Points Explanation Included in Credits Earned Included in Credits Attempted
P N/A Pass Yes Yes
TR N/A Transfer Credit Yes Yes
UG N/A Ungraded No Yes
CBE N/A Credit by Examination Yes Yes
AU N/A Audit No No
W N/A Withdrawn No Yes
INC N/A Incomplete No Yes
EC N/A Credit Awarded for Experiential Learning Yes Yes
EXT N/A Continuing Education Credit No No
AP N/A Advance Placement Yes Yes

Grade points are calculated by multiplying the number of quality points of each grade total by the total number of assigned credits for that course. The GPA is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted.

A student’s transcript identifies two different Grade Point Averages (GPA). The first is the Semester GPA, which is based on the courses taken only for that semester. The second is a Cumulative GPA (CGPA) that consists of all the courses a student has taken at the College and the grades received for those courses unless grades fall under the Second Chance Policy. See Course Repeats for further information.