Establishing Course Attendance

Students must establish attendance in each course for which they are registered. Students have from the first day of their course through the fourteenth calendar day of a semester/module to establish attendance. Faculty report attendance on Census Day, which occurs on the fifteenth calendar day of each semester/module and record attendance. Students who have not attended or participated in their course by the fourteenth day of the semester or module will be withdrawn from the course.

In order to establish attendance, students must do at least one of the following, prior to Census Day:

  • Student attends an on-ground class; OR
  • Student posts to online discussion about an academic matter; OR
  • Student submits an academic assignment either on-ground or online; OR
  • Student takes a quiz or test either on-ground or online.

Please note that posting to an introductory discussion board assignment does not constitute as establishing attendance.

Students who do not establish attendance will be administratively withdrawn from the course(s) and will be listed as a No Start (NS). These courses will not be listed on the transcripts or counted as credits attempted.

For students who do not establish attendance for all/any course(s) by Census Day, a refund of 100% of applicable tuition charges less applicable fees and books, less $500 for course withdrawn will be granted.

Students receiving Title IV funds should reference the Financial Aid and Refund Policy in the catalog or on the Goodwin College website for any financial consequences related to non-attendance.