Course Repeats

Repeating courses can have an adverse impact on satisfactory academic progress (SAP). In addition to the standards set for minimum credits earned and grade point average in the evaluation of SAP, repeated courses will be counted as credit hours attempted when calculating the quantitative component.

Students are required to repeat any course in which they have received an “F”, a "UG", or a "W" if that course is required in the student's program, or if they have not earned a grade that meets program or major grade requirements. Students may also choose to repeat a course to qualify for graduation status (2.0) or generally to improve their CGPA. 

Students may repeat a course only once without permission. A request to take a course for the third time requires students to formally request permission by completing a form available online.  Permission to take a course for a third time is not guaranteed and may require a meeting with the Dean or Program Director.  Decisions made via the request form are final and may not be appealed.

Students receiving Financial Aid should check with that office regarding re-takes of courses in which they have already earned a satisfactory grade. A student is not eligible to receive financial aid for repeating a course for the third time in order to achieve a better grade. The credits associated with the third repeat are not used in determining the student's enrollment status for purposes of financial aid. In all cases, a student can only receive Title IV funds for one repeat of a previously passed course.

In all cases, every course taken counts as credits attempted when calculating the quantitative component for program completion. When a course is repeated, the new grade will be used in place of the original grade for the purposes of calculating the CGPA. The old grade will remain on the transcript and will be followed by an “R" to indicate that the course was repeated. "R" grades do not affect the CGPA. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to take a course four times.