Appeal of Grades

Grades are part of the student’s permanent record. In rare instances, there can be situations in which course grades may need to be changed. These include computational errors, clerical errors, or the discovery of overlooked components in a student’s body of work. Students are able to view their final grades in Sonis and are responsible for checking their grades at the end of each semester. Students must appeal a final grade within one semester of the grade's issue date.

A student who believes that an error in grading has occurred may request a review by the instructor of the record until the end of the semester following the one in which the grade in question was earned. Students may appeal a grade by submitting a completed Grade Review Request available in the Registrar's Office. If the instructor believes the change is justified, the instructor will initiate the grade change, and the student will be notified. If the instructor does not agree with the grade change, the student may appeal the decision to the Dean within 15 days of the instructor's decision. If this process results in agreement that the grade should be changed, the instructor will initiate the grade change and notify the student. If the agreement is that a grade change is not justified, the Registrar will notify the student in writing with a copy to the instructor. All grade changes must be reported to the Registrar's Office.