Graduation and Degree Conferral

The Board of Trustees of Goodwin College is authorized to confer Master of Science, Bachelor of Science, Associate in Science degrees, and Collegiate Certificate to qualified candidates who have met all requirements. Graduate students nearing the completion of their program must complete an Application for Award of Credential for each credential they believe they are qualified to receive prior to their last semester of study. The Application for Award of Credential is available on the college website only and must be electronically submitted to the student's program director and to the Registrar for the purposes of a final degree audit. Candidates' transcripts will be evaluated under the catalog in effect at the time of admission. If the candidate changed programs, the catalog used shall be the one in effect at the time of the program change. Candidates who have not met all of the requirements for graduation will be notified by the Registrar’s Office.

For purposes of clarity, the term "graduation" refers to program completion. Students are assigned a graduation date based upon the semester in which program requirements were completed. The term "conferral" refers to the actual bestowal of the degree which happens twice a year, once on the date of our Commencement Ceremony and once at the end of the fall semester.

Because the college holds Commencement once a year, in June, students who anticipate completing their program at the end of the summer semester following Commencement are invited to participate in the ceremony. Participants must have their last two or fewer courses (six or less credits) in progress to be included in the ceremonies.