Withdrawing from a course after the fourteenth calendar day of a semester

Graduate students who have established attendance may withdraw from a course after the fourteenth day of the semester through the end of week 13 of the semester.

Graduate students must complete and sign an Add/Drop form available on the Registrar’s website. The Add/Drop form must be signed by the Financial Aid Office and/or the Business Office and returned to the Registrar’s office for processing. A “W” will be assigned to the course and will appear on the transcript. The “W” will not be used in the calculation of the GPA, but will count as credits attempted. Students who have established attendance and withdraw from a course after the fourteenth calendar day of a semester will be charged 100% tuition. Excessive withdrawals can impact Satisfactory Academic Progress and jeopardize financial aid eligibility, so students are strongly encouraged to get both academic and financial aid advice before withdrawing from courses.

Course withdrawal deadlines are published in the college catalog and are available on the website on the Current Students page. Deadlines will be strictly enforced. Withdrawals are not permitted beyond the deadline. After the deadline, students will receive an earned grade as determined by the instructor.

Failure to attend class is not an appropriate method of withdrawing from a course. Non-attendance does not cancel the financial obligation to pay fees and tuition incurred at the time of registration for classes. Students will remain liable for any outstanding payments of tuition and fees due to the college.

For financial consequences of withdrawing from a course after the start of a semester, refer to the institutional refund policy. Students should check with the Financial Aid Office to determine what financial penalty will be assessed as a result of withdrawing from a course.