Complete Withdrawal from College

Conditions may arise requiring the student to withdraw from the college by the withdrawal date indicated in the Graduate catalog. A student who wishes to withdraw from the college should:

  1. Obtain a Graduate Student Withdrawal Form from the Registrar’s Office or the registrar’s website.
    1. Complete an exit interview with the program director either in person or over the phone.
    2. Discuss all financial obligations with a Financial Aid Officer either in person or over the phone.
    3. Confer with a Student Account Specialist in the Business Office either in person or over the phone.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Registrar.

The official withdrawal date is the date the student officially initiates the withdrawal process.

Official notification to the college of a student’s intent to withdraw must be made to the Registrar. Notification of intent to any other school official is not recognized as an official notification of intent to withdraw.

If applicable, a revised tuition charge or refund will be calculated by the Business Office. If a student who withdraws has received financial aid, he/she may be subject to the loss of some, or all, of the financial aid award. This may also result in the student having personal responsibility for repayment of financial assistance. Please refer to the college's Refund Policy.

Withdrawn graduate students must reapply to the college. Re-admitted graduate students must complete the academic requirements in effect in the catalog under which they are returning.