General Education Requirements for Bachelor Degrees

All students enrolled in bachelor degree programs must complete a minimum of 46 credits in general education: 40 credits in the general education college core and 6 credits in programmatic general education courses.

ENG 101 English Composition 3
Writing Competency (WR) 3
Advanced Writing Competency (AW) 3
Communications Competency (COM) 3
Computer Literacy Competency (CL) 3
Mathematics Competency (MATH) 3
Science Competency (SCI) 4-7
Social Science Competency (SS & MC)** 6-9
Cultural Competency (CU & E/P) 6
Global Studies Competency (G/US & G/W) 6

Bachelor degree students are also required to take a research (RE) course as a part of their programmatic requirements. The competency codes (WR, COM, CL, MATH, SCI, SS, MC, CU, E/P, G/US, G/W, and RE) found at the end of the course description identify courses that fulfill these requirements. All students must meet the competency requirements to graduate.

**Students must take two courses with a Social Science (SS) distinction and one course with a Multicultural (MC) distinction. The multicultural distinction may be filled by combining the requirements and taking a course with both the social science and multicultural distinctions or separately by taking two courses with a social science distinction and one course with a multicultural distinction typically included in programmatic requirements.