Mission Statement

The mission of Goodwin College is to educate a diverse student population in a dynamic environment that aligns education, commerce, and community. Our innovative programs of study prepare students for professional careers while promoting lifelong learning and civic responsibility. As a nurturing college community, we challenge students, faculty, staff, and administration to fully realize their highest academic, professional, and personal potential.


  1. To create a dynamic educational environment that prepares for and advances students in professional careers while developing an appreciation for the humanities, arts and sciences.
  2. To educate students in an environment that celebrates diverse cultures, ages, experiences and opinions.
  3. To refine methods that support and retain undergraduate and graduate students.
  4. To adapt our programs to the changing needs of our student body, the workforce and society.
  5. To enrich our local and global communities by forming and sustaining collaborative relationships that creates educational, economic and cultural benefits.
  6. To assist our graduates with identifying and securing professional opportunities.
  7. To provide students with frameworks for making ethical decisions and conducting themselves with professional integrity.