DHP 110 Principles of Dental Hygiene I

The Principles of Dental Hygiene lectures along with laboratory experience will focus on dental hygiene theory and practice that will provide the student with the necessary knowledge to develop a patient centered process of care. Students will be introduced to comprehensive assessment of a client's oral and dental health status and needs, and the planning, implementing, evaluating, and documenting of appropriate individualized treatment based on those needs. Based on a dental hygiene scope of practice, the student will utilize critical thinking and evidenced-based decision making skills that will guide them through dental hygiene care. 

The laboratory sessions of this course will consist of clinical exercises that coordinate with the reading assignments and lectures. 

In addition, Radiology lab sessions will be a component of this course. This component will consist of lab exercises that build on both basic technique skills learned in Radiology DHP 105 and basic principles of dental radiography that will coordinate with reading assignments and lecture materials focusing on patient relations, infection control, extraoral panoramic imaging, and interpretation. 

This course is designed to include a major online component. Assignments, lectures, practice tests, simulations, and discussion will be held online. Time spent in laboratory will be on instrumentation practice, in-class discussion, and group work. (F)




DHP 104, DHP 105


DHP 202