DHP 120 Principles of Dental Hygiene II

The Principles of Dental Hygiene II lectures along with clinic experience continues to focus on dental hygiene theory and practice that will provide the student with the necessary knowledge to develop a patient-centered process of care. Students will be able to assess, and identify patients' oral and dental status, followed by developing a treatment plan, implementing treatment and evaluate results. Based on the scope of practice, the student will utilize critical thinking and evidence-based decision making skills that will guide them through dental hygiene care. Skills introduced in DHP 110 will be reinforced and applied in more depth. The dental hygiene care plan will be studied in depth and applied in clinic. Instruction in periodontal debridement/scaling instruments will progress with the application of powered instrumentation, use of additional instruments, and advanced techniques. Integrated topics of focus will be medical emergencies management, selective polishing/dental stain management, preventive education, motivational interviewing, tobacco cessation, treatment for special client populations, and the dental hygiene process of care. This course is designed to include a major online component. Assignments, lectures, practice tests, simulations, and discussion will be held online. Time spent in clinic will be on instrumentation practice and patient care. The clinic sessions of this course will consist of exercises that coordinate with the reading assignments and lectures.




DHP 104, DHP 105, DHP 110, DHP 202


DHP 102