IT Policies

Social Media

Goodwin College wants students to be aware that the Internet is considered a public forum and information posted there can be viewed by anyone. Caution should be used when posting any information on the internet.

The College encourages its students to become involved with and connected to the community in as many ways as possible. The internet has provided additional ways for communication to occur. However, with these additional means of networking and communicating, community members must exercise care and diligence. They must also accept the added responsibility associated with the use of such means of communication.

Communications on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media websites or applications represent public and open communication. Communications on such sites are not specifically monitored by Goodwin College officials, but may be brought to the attention of officials when they are seen as possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct as outlined in the Student Handbook and/or the postings materially and substantially disrupt the work and discipline of the institution. As with other public arenas, information found on Internet sites is acceptable as information in personal conduct meetings and other proceedings. The different types of information that can be used in conduct meetings may include, but is not limited to: wall postings, journal entries, blog postings, pictures, comments, text messages, emails, and other openly public and accessible communications.

Goodwin College Technology Access

Access to computer systems, networks, and electronic devices owned by Goodwin College imposes certain responsibilities and obligations to all students. Students are to use computers, networks, and resources for conducting day-to-day business operations for Goodwin College or educational purposes relating to the education of students at Goodwin College. Network resources are not to be abused in any way for personal usage, profit making, or illegal activities, including e-commerce.

E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods and services conducted as an ongoing and sustained business activity for the purpose of making a profit. E-commerce involves advertising, promoting, and soliciting business associated with, but not limited to, professional and personal services and consulting, and the buying and selling of goods and services. The Goodwin College technology resources include campus computers, installed application software, peripheral devices connected to computers, and connection to the campus Intranet and the Internet. These resources are intended solely to enhance and promote the academic, administrative, and extracurricular student-life interests of the College community. Students, faculty, and administrators are prohibited from using College technology resources for E-commerce.

Technology and telecommunications equipment is provided for members of the Goodwin College community for the sole purpose of enhancing and promoting the academic and administrative needs of the College. Any actions that deliberately undermine or interfere with the normal operations of technology systems or files will be subject to disciplinary actions by College administration and local, state, and federal authorities. Such violations include but are not limited to:

Accessing or attempting to access files or systems that one is not authorized to access; 
Using an ID/password other than the one assigned to an individual by the College; 
Sending/creating files such that the normal operations of the College network are affected; 
Creating or installing a virus or program that is intentionally designed to damage or harm a system or network (internal or external to Goodwin College) 
Deliberately damaging College property (e.g. computers, printers, scanners, telephones, etc.) 
Using College network as a means to commit a criminal act which violates a local, state, or federal law. 

Users are not allowed to add, remove, reconfigure, or deface any computer or electronic hardware or software owned and maintained by Goodwin College; shall not use, install, or download any games or gaming websites onto any Goodwin College-owned equipment and shall not install or use any malicious software such as, but not limited to Trojans, viruses, or malware.

Internet Usage

The Internet is a very powerful tool when used properly.  However, abuse of the Internet is very common and must be monitored and controlled to protect Goodwin College from malicious attacks. Users should always assume any Internet activity including but not limited to E-mail, web browsing, and downloading can be viewed by someone else at any given time on any computer owned by Goodwin College.