Disclosure of Information

Press and Other Media 

The Office of Marketing and Communications approves all matters concerning the press and other media. It is the policy of Goodwin College that any employee or student at the College who is contacted by the press or other media refers the inquiry to the Office of Marketing and Communications. Any student or employee appearing in the press or other media as a representative of Goodwin College must receive the prior approval of the Director of Marketing and Communications (or in his absence, the President). Violations to this policy by faculty, students, or staff will be referred to the appropriate area for possible disciplinary action.

Releasing Data 

It is the policy of Goodwin College that data concerning the College cannot be released to any person or agency outside of the College without the prior approval of the Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications.

The following Goodwin College technology policies are intended to provide a framework for all members of our College community regarding the use of technology resources in ways that are consistent with the mission and educational goals of the College, as well as in conformity with all local, state, and federal laws.

Emergency Notification 

Goodwin College is committed to providing a safe and quality environment for our students. Part of our overall commitment is to assure that in times of emergency we can provide accurate and timely information. When you enroll at Goodwin College, emergency contact information is collected. Emergency cell phone information will be placed into our notification system, EverBridge. When urgent or timely information needs to be sent to students, the emergency point of contact will receive a text message giving vital updates. The College will also send emergency notices to student e-mail accounts and post information on the College website.

*This system is not used for unexpected delays, early dismissals, or closures.

Handling of Sensitive Data Policy 

As required by CT Public Act 08-167, An Act Concerning the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers, this policy serves as the College’s official notice to faculty and staff.

Employees, students, and volunteers are required to hold in strict confidence and not disclose information obtained in the course of employment and/or work study to any person or entity that does not require this information in his/her official capacity. Confidential and other sensitive information includes but is not limited to: social security numbers, driver’s license number, state identification card number(s), account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, passport numbers, alien registration numbers, health insurance identification numbers, current or former student or employment records, financial records, business planning documents, alumni records, donor lists, and contribution records and other confidential or sensitive information relating to the affairs of the College.

Employees, students, and volunteers will not disclose to or permit non-authorized persons or casual onlookers to view or access confidential or sensitive information. System IDs and passwords are intended for the exclusive use of the authorized individual. Passwords are not to be shared with anyone including family and friends. Records may be printed and/or copied only when necessary for purposes related to the institution. All printed or copied records must be kept in files that are locked when not in use. Employees and students will use the College’s administrative systems (SonisWeb, SharePoint, Blackboard, TutorTrac, etc.) and College records only for the purposes for which they are intended and only to the extent authorized to do so.

Any personal information that is printed or stored electronically shall be destroyed, erased, or made unreadable prior to disposal.

Upon leaving the College, employees, students, and volunteers shall not take with them any materials belonging to, or relating to the affairs of the College. Prior to leaving the College and notwithstanding the circumstance surrounding their departure, employees, students, and volunteers will inform the College of the location of data and materials in their possession, or under their control, belonging to or relating to the affairs of the College and ensure that such data and materials are accessible to the College.