Violations of law and convictions

Students may be held accountable both to civil authorities and to the College for acts that constitute violations of law and of this Code. Disciplinary action by the College will normally be concurrent with civil or criminal proceedings despite the dismissal or reduction of the charges by civil authorities. The College may, at its discretion, postpone disciplinary proceedings pending the outcome of a civil or criminal action.

Students who are convicted of felony criminal charges while enrolled are required to inform the Provost and Dean of Faculty. The College may bring disciplinary action against the student for the same incident if the alleged conduct is prohibited by the institution and/or if it is judged to be averse to the recognized mission of the institution. College conduct procedures are distinct and independent of any and all criminal procedures. When necessary, temporary action may be taken in the form of summarily suspending, summarily restricting, or officially directing no contact between the victim and assailant, as well as possible changes in course schedule.