Parking Rules and Regulations

Parking and Transportation Services at Goodwin College are provided free of charge. Faculty, staff, students and visitors all share the limited spaces available on campus. The parking system is designed to allow the freedom to come and go as one pleases, so long as everyone follows the rules. A parking permit (window decal) is issued, free of charge, to all students, faculty and staff members. All Students are eligible for a student parking permit, at no cost. For all new students, you must register your vehicle within the first week of classes. Your parking decal is to be placed on the passenger side of your vehicle in the bottom corner of the windshield. Please see Public Safety at the Welcome Desk in the main lobby to obtain your parking decal and register your vehicle on campus. 

The lack of a convenient parking space is NOT an excuse for violating parking regulations. The parking arrangements provide parking spaces as conveniently as possible within the available limits. There are no assigned parking spaces. No one is guaranteed a parking space on campus.