Conduct Rules

Goodwin College expects that its students will strive for high standards of honor and good citizenship, and that they will conduct themselves, both on- and off-campus, in a manner that reflects well on themselves and the College. The College further expects that students will convey these expectations to their guests. Any violations may result in a conduct hearing. The following, while not exhaustive, represents behavior subject to conduct action:

Alcohol Possession

 AP1  Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages by students or guests is prohibited on campus property.
 AP2 Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages at any Goodwin College sponsored activity is prohibited.
 AP3 Any intoxicated individual who engages in disruptive behavior is subject to disciplinary action.
 AP4 All alcoholic containers, alcohol advertisement displays, shot glasses and any material promoting alcohol is strictly prohibited.  

Drug Possession

 DP1 The un-prescribed use, possession, sale, purchase or distribution of any controlled substance to include, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin, hallucinogens,  barbiturates and paraphernalia, is a violation of the laws of the State of Connecticut and is therefore subject to disciplinary action and possible criminal prosecution. Please refer to the  Drug   and Alcohol policy.  
 DP2 Smoking is restricted to designated areas only. (Including Vapes and E-cigarettes). 
 DP3 The presence, possession and/or usage of the following items is prohibited: narcotics and/or illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia.
 DP4 Any room/apartment/person that emits the scent of any prohibited substance (i.e.: marijuana, alcohol etc.) is subject to being searched by Goodwin College staff and all parties present are  subject to disciplinary action.

Academic Misconduct

 AM1  Academic misconduct, including all forms of cheating and plagiarism is prohibited. (See Academic Integrity Policy).
 AM2 Misuse of Goodwin College documents, including, but not limited to, forging, transferring, altering or otherwise misusing a student payroll sheet, identification card or other College  identification document, course registration document, schedule, transcript, or any other College-issued document or record is prohibited. 
 AM3 Disruption or obstruction of teaching, research or other academic or administrative activities are prohibited.
 AM4 All students are required to follow all Goodwin College policies regarding computer and network usage and downloading of unauthorized or inappropriate material as found in the Student  Handbook.
 AM5 Forgery, unauthorized alteration, or unauthorized use of any College document or instrument of identification.

Personal Conduct

 PC1 All students are responsible for the behavior of their guests. All guests are subject to all Goodwin College policies and regulations. 
 PC2 All students who are present during any violation of the policies herein are subject to disciplinary action as a result.
 PC3 Insubordination or non-compliance with a Goodwin staff/faculty person who is performing his/her assigned duties is subject to disciplinary action.
 PC4 Falsification, distortion, or intentional misrepresentation of information to a Goodwin College official is prohibited.
 PC5 Students are prohibited from using video or voice recording devices on others without their written consent. 
 PC6  Inconsiderate, loud, or obscene behavior including excessive noise is prohibited.
 PC7  Conduct which endangers the property or the health and safety of oneself or others is prohibited.
 PC8 Any threat to the health and safety of the Goodwin College community members or guests is strictly prohibited.
 PC9 Any damage to College or personal property is prohibited. 
 PC10 Students are required to carry their Goodwin College Identification Cards and room keys at all times.
 PC11 Knowingly furnishing false information to any Goodwin College official is prohibited.
 PC12 Actual or threatened physical assault or abuse, threatening, intimidation, coercion, and any other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person are prohibited.
 PC13 Sexual assault, sexual misconduct as defined by the Gender-Base Misconduct Policy is prohibited.
 PC14 Hazing is prohibited. Hazing is defined as an act which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student, or which destroys or removes public or private property, for the  purpose of initiation or admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in, a group or organization is prohibited.
 PC15 Stalking is prohibited. Stalking is defined as repeatedly contacting another person when: The contact causes the other person reasonable apprehension of imminent physical harm or  the   contacting person knows or should know that the contact causes substantial impairment of the other person’s ability to perform the activities of daily life. As used in this definition,  the   term  “contacting” includes, but is not limited to, communicating with or remaining in the physical presence of the other person is prohibited.
 PC16 Harassment is prohibited. Harassment is defined as conduct which is abusive or which interferes with a person’s pursuit of his or her customary or usual affairs, including, but not limited  to, such conduct when directed toward an individual or group because of race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical attribute, or physical  or  mental disability or disorder, including learning disabilities and mental retardation is prohibited.
 PC17 Intentional interference with entry into or exit from any Goodwin College premises or with the free movement of any person is prohibited.
 PC18 Unauthorized or improper possession, use, removal, tampering or disabling of fire and/or safety equipment and warning devices, failure to follow standard fire and/or emergency safety  procedures, or interference with firefighting or emergency response equipment or personnel is prohibited.
 PC19 Conduct prohibited by any federal, state, and/or local law, regulation or ordinance is prohibited.
 PC20 Abuse of the College student conduct system, including but not limited to policies outlined in the Goodwin College student conduct process is prohibited.
 PC21 Failure to comply with the sanction(s) imposed under the student code.
 PC22 Any violation of the guest policies is strictly prohibited.
 PC23  Failure to adhere to the van/shuttle policy is prohibited.
 PC24  Intentional interference with video surveillance equipment is strictly prohibited.
 PC25 Stealing from the Café is strictly prohibited and violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as well as being sanctioned through the college’s conduct process.
 PC26 Retaliation: Acts or attempts to retaliate or seek retribution against any complainant, respondent, individual or group of individuals otherwise involved in the complaint, investigation,  and/or resolution of an allegation of a policy violation. Retaliation can be committed by any individual or group of individuals, not just a respondent or complainant. Retaliation can take  many forms, including continued abuse, violence, or other forms of harm to others.
 PC27 Conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person including physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, and/or coercion. Please refer to the  full Anti-Violence Policy in the Academic Catalog
 PC28 Reckless, disorderly, or lewd conduct.
 PC29 Unauthorized entry or use of College facilities.
This includes unauthorized possession, duplication, or use of keys or access cards to any College premises.
 PC30 Recklessly interfering with normal College or College-sponsored activities, including but not limited to studying, teaching, administration, or emergency services, such as fire and police.
 PC31  Unauthorized use of a Goodwin College ID card. Students are unable to give permission to other persons to use the ID card on their behalf. The only person permitted to use the ID card  is the individual to whom the card is issued.
 PC32 Failure to comply with any sanction(s), administrative and/or educational, imposed in accordance with the Code.
 PC33 Attempted or actual theft of College property or the property of others.
 PC34 Damage to College property or the property of others.
 PC35 Violations of other College regulations, rules, or policies.
 PC36 Violation of the College Drug and Alcohol Policy.
 PC37 Conduct that could result in the violation of any federal, state, or local law.
 PC38 Hosting non-official events or other activities that create a nuisance or endanger the safety of the community.
 PC39 Operation of any motor vehicle on college property in an unsafe manner or in a manner which is reasonably perceived as threatening the health or safety of another person. Or violation  of motor vehicle policies established for the campus, including but not limited to parking rules and regulations.
 PC40 The use of chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco products or vape products is strictly prohibited from all community areas and corridors of the college. 

Housing Regulations

 HR1  Professional housing staff may deem it necessary to call a mandatory meeting, within a 24 hour notice, to discuss issues and concerns as needed. It is a requirement of all students to attend these meetings. 
 HR2 Excessive litter or dirt caused by residents must be cleaned by the residents responsible. Residents are responsible for the care and cleaning of their rooms.
 HR3  A resident may not install equipment, make alterations (including but not limited: painting, removal of furniture/screens, changing fixtures, un-bunking beds etc.) or make repairs.
 HR4  Microwave, toaster ovens and other cooking or kitchen appliances are permitted in kitchens only.
 HR5  Residents are prohibited from leaving any possessions in their room after it is vacated.
 HR6  The lending of any key or allowing a non-resident unknown and/or unescorted by you into a residence hall is prohibited.
 HR7  All residents must evacuate the residence hall whenever a fire alarm sounds.
 HR8  False alarms and tampering with fire equipment, particularly smoke detectors, is prohibited by state law and violators will be subject to disciplinary action by Goodwin College, as well as  possible criminal prosecution.
 HR9 The presence, possession and/or usage of prohibited items (detailed list can be found in the Student Handbook) are considered a violation.
 HR10  The presence, possession and/or usage of the following items are prohibited: air guns, paintball markers, firearms, fireworks, explosives, dangerous weapons or any other incendiary  devices.
 HR11 The presence, possession and/or usage of official or public signs are prohibited.
 HR12  Any acts of reckless endangerment such as fighting, hitting, throwing, or kicking of objects inside a residence hall, or throwing of items out of, off of, on to, or up to the buildings are  prohibited.
 HR13 No pets are allowed on Goodwin College campus. (See AccessAbility Coordinator).
 HR14 Bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed in residence halls.
 HR15  Students are not permitted to use their rooms or facilities in the residence hall for any commercial or illegal purposes.
 HR16  Violation of the guest policy is prohibited.
 HR17  Tapping into any utility service in the residence hall (electricity, water, etc.) is strictly forbidden, as is using any electrical equipment that requires more than normal amounts of current. 
 HR18 Violation of quiet/courtesy hours is prohibited.
 HR19  Smoking is prohibited in all residential halls. All residence halls are smoke free by Connecticut State Law
 HR20 The use of chewing tobacco and smokeless tobacco products or vape products are strictly prohibited from all community areas and corridors of all residence halls.
 HR21 Gambling is not permitted in the residence halls or any Goodwin College property or sponsored event unless sanctioned by College administration.
 HR22 Babysitting children in student housing is prohibited. Students employed by local residents as a childcare provider must provide these services off-campus, at the local resident’s home,  for example. 
 HR23 The burning of candles, sage, and incense is strictly prohibited in student housing. This includes any wax burners and wall plug-ins.