Adjunct Assignments for Staff

Goodwin College is committed to delivering a valuable academic experience to its students by providing high-quality instructors in the classroom. Many of our adjunct instructors are otherwise employed with a full-time vocation; this may include members of Goodwin College’s staff.

Goodwin College regularly allows full-time and part-time members of its staff to also work at the College as adjunct instructors. The College recognizes that we need a policy that clearly outlines the approval process for these assignments, as well as the parameters under which these individuals are paid, to ensure clarity and consistency. Exceptions to this policy may be granted only by the VP of Human Resources.

Full-time staff may teach up to six credits, or two sections per semester. Appointments will be made based on the needs of the department and at the discretion of the department chair. The course-load limit for part-time staff is based on the current practices within each academic department.

A request form must be submitted by the staff member and approval must be received before assignment is confirmed. The request form and further details regarding this policy can be found on the Goodwin Policy Website