Use of Computing Resources

All users must comply with federal and state laws and all College policies related to any copying and use of computer software and electronic files. Goodwin College resources must not be used to violate the terms of license agreements, copyright, or trademark laws.

In addition, other activities that threaten the integrity of the system or harm individual users are not allowed. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:
  • Falsifying your identity when sending a communication
  • Tampering with, abusing, or otherwise damaging computer or telephone hardware or software. This includes software or network tampering (hacking), such as attempting to crack or guess passwords, sending anonymous mail, or “bombing” a mailbox with multiple copies of a message
  • Running or installing any program or sending any mass communication that overloads or substantially interferes with the proper operation of the computer system or network
  • Overloading or substantially interfering with the proper operation of the College's network and computer data storage
  • Using the College's computers or network or the telephone system to transmit fraudulent, defamatory, harassing, obscene or threatening messages or any communications prohibited by law
  • Improperly or inaccurately stating or implying the College's sponsorship or endorsement of any communications, including anything contained on a personal web page on the College's computers or network
  • Participating in or signing up for activities, the cost of which will be charged to the College, without obtaining the College’s prior authorization

Users who publish web pages or similar information resources on the College computers or computer system shall take full responsibility for what they publish, shall abide by this policy and other College policies, shall comply with all applicable laws, and shall not publish commercial advertisements without prior written authorization.