Children on Campus Policy

To protect the safety of young visitors and to avoid disruptive behavior, children accompanying employees, students, or visitors of Goodwin College must be under the constant supervision of a responsible adult while on College property or on the site of any approved off-campus class or other College event. The only exception to this policy is the Kid care program, which is an on-campus drop-in child care service that provides supplemental child care assistance for Goodwin College students during class time. Employees of the College have assigned duties and cannot take supervisory responsibility for any unattended children of employees, students, or visitors. Children should not be unattended in any College facility at any time. Furthermore, children may not be brought with students to class sessions, labs, internships, fieldwork placements, or clinical placements. A violation of this policy may result in appropriate disciplinary action.

The College assumes no responsibility or liability for children, or for any accidents or injuries to children. For the purposes of this policy, a child is defined as any youth under the age of 16 who is not officially registered in a Goodwin College class.

If an unattended child is observed on campus, Campus Security should be alerted immediately. Security will attempt to locate the child’s (children’s) parents or legal guardians or caregiver to remedy the situation. If the parents, guardians, or caregiver cannot be found in a reasonable amount of time, Security may refer the situation to the Department of Social Services or other appropriate agency.