Professional Conduct

Prohibited conduct: You are expected to always demonstrate professional conduct at all times while at work. We ask for your full cooperation in keeping Goodwin College a civil and positive work place. In addition to all other policies stated in this Handbook, the following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of prohibited conduct:

  • Fraternizing inappropriately with students
  • Removing any property of the College from the premises without proper authorization, or engaging or participating in theft or dishonesty; damaging or destroying College property, or the property of any College employee, vendor, student or sub-contractor; failing to report damaged property, no matter how slight
  • Being insubordinate, threatening, intimidating, disrespectful, or assaulting a manager/supervisor, coworker, student, visitor, or member of the public
  • Fighting
  • Using profane, abusive or threatening language toward coworkers, students, visitors, or members of the public
  • Endangering the health, safety, and/or welfare of others
  • Failing to maintain satisfactory work performance
  • Sleeping, loafing or otherwise abusing time during assigned working hours
  • Performing unauthorized personal work while in the course of working for Goodwin College or using Goodwin College resources
  • Engaging in rude, obnoxious, malicious, or unprofessional behavior toward coworkers, students, visitors, or members of the public
  • Smoking in unauthorized areas
  • Using any items on Goodwin College property that violate federal fire code, including but not limited to candles, portable space heaters, etc.