Performance Management

Goodwin College is strongly committed to excellence and depends upon its employees to uphold the highest professional standards. The College strives for an environment of trust, unquestioned integrity and genuine concern for the welfare of its employees and its students.  

All employees should expect to receive timely performance feedback, coaching and development from their management team to support the achievement of satisfactory work performance. Part-time faculty and adjuncts are evaluated formally at least once a year, preferably during the first semester. The annual performance review process is an important aspect of this effort, and provides employees with the following:

• An opportunity to conduct a self-review of their individual work performance;

• Classroom or Online Observation(s), if applicable

• A written review containing constructive feedback regarding their supervisor’s assessment of their performance for the previous year

• A formal discussion of the employee’s performance, including dialogue about successes, opportunities, goals and professional development plans for the upcoming year; and

• An opportunity to provide feedback about their direct leader’s supervisory effectiveness, which is factored into the supervisor’s own performance assessment.

In the event that an employee’s performance or behavior fails to meet desired expectations despite these efforts, the employee could experience disciplinary action that may include verbal warning, written/final warning, or termination of employment.  

During instances where an employee’s performance or behavior is deemed egregious enough to create an unacceptable level of risk for the College’s students, employees, physical facilities or finances, the College reserves the right to take an immediate disciplinary action such as termination of employment.  See section on Professional Conduct for more information.