Welcome Letter from the Dean of Students

I am very pleased to welcome you to the 2017-18 academic year at Goodwin College; new students are starting their first semester while returning students are back to campus for another exciting year! Always remember that when you enrolled, you did more than just sign up for classes; you also signed up for all of the resources necessary for success and for all of the experiences that will enhance your semesters here.

In my role as Dean of Students, I provide the oversight and vision for the Student Services Department. Please reach out and take full advantage of all of the support, resources, and enrichment offered by our offices including: AccessAbility (Disability Services), the Academic Success Center (tutoring), Career Services, Counseling, Financial Literacy, Student Engagement (clubs and activities), Recreation, and Veteran's Affairs.

It’s different at Goodwin —your faculty, the staff, and your fellow students will partner with you as you work toward your goals. A proverb states that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Regardless of your previous academic experiences, you have taken the first step at Goodwin – and at Goodwin, you will not be alone on your journey. The excitement, rigor, and challenge of academic life at Goodwin College are supported by experienced, highly credentialed faculty, superior academic advising, and a family of faculty, staff, and administration whose mission is to enhance your educational experience. As you engage with fellow students, faculty, and staff in class, during extracurricular events, and on campus, your confidence will continue to grow as you are transformed into a successful Goodwin College graduate.

This Handbook is prepared to assist you in the process of being a successful student at Goodwin College. As a student, you are responsible for your interactions with the College and this Handbook serves as a guide to these interactions. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information contained within this Handbook. At any point when you need further information, a person to talk with, or caring advice to help you on your journey, Student Services is here for you. You may contact me at any time by email at today-stevens@goodwinedu or by stopping by my office at One Riverside Drive.

My colleagues and I stand by to support and challenge you as you take full advantage of the extraordinary opportunities.


Tamara O’Day-Stevens, Ph.D.