IV. General Conduct Process for Students

Student Conduct Process Flowchart

  1. Community member reports allegation of violation to the General Conduct Board by submitting an Incident Report Form online
  2. A member of the General Conduct Board meets with the accused student
  3. Director of Compliance and/or Director of Campus Safety and Security investigate the alleged violation and determine whether a violation has occurred
  4. The General Conduct Board, consisting of, as necessary, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Physical Facilities and IT, the Director of Compliance, the Director of Campus Safety and Security, and the Dean of Students will convene to determine the severity of the violation and the appropriate sanction as listed in the Student Code of Conduct
  5. Student either accepts the determination and sanction of The General Conduct Board


  6. Writes a letter of appeal, within 48 hours of receiving the sanction from the General Conduct Board, to The Goodwin College Appeals Board via the Provost, who serves as Chair, on at least one of three grounds- (1) that the student believes a procedural error occurred that impacted the original determination and sanction, (2) that the student has new evidence that was not available during the original determination and sanction that he or she believes will substantially impact the original determination and sanction, or (3) that the student believes that the sanction imposed by the General Conduct Board is substantially outside the scope outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. The GCAB will either accept or reject the request for an appeal and, if it is accepted, will decide whether to make a new determination itself or to send the matter back to the General Conduct Board for further review.

All students at Goodwin College are expected to exhibit courteous behavior both inside and outside the classroom and to show respect for their fellow community members, including faculty and staff. Any student whose behavior is found to be disrespectful and/or not in line with the College’s mission and values will be referred to the General Conduct Board for review.