Other Funding Sources

Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS)/Workers Compensation Commission

This department provides direct and supportive funds for disabled students attending Goodwin College. Funds have been received through WIA offices in Hartford, East Hartford, Manchester, Enfield, Middletown, Meriden, New Britain, Bristol, Willimantic, Waterbury, and others.

Connecticut Department of Labor

This entity provides funding for students under the Trade Adjustment Act (TAA).

Corporate Partnership Scholarship

Students who are employed at companies or are members of organizations that have entered into agreements with Goodwin College will be eligible for this scholarship. Although students are charged the published rate of tuition, they will be awarded this scholarship which reduces their tuition by 25%. The student must present a letter from the company or organization prior to the award being made.

Division of Workers Rehabilitation Services

This state agency provides funds for re-training for those individuals who were hurt on the job and can no longer perform that job due to accident or illness.

Job Connection, State Department of Social Services

This program has provided childcare and transportation funds for eligible students during enrollment at Goodwin College. Goodwin College meets the institutional definition of an Approved Provider under the Workforce Investment Act.

Regional Workforce Development Board

This entity provides funding under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). WIA assists dislocated workers in funding their education through contracts and custom-made programs.