How Repeated Courses Affect SAP

Any repeated course that is designated as an "R", whether repeated because of a failed grade or to receive a better grade, will be counted as credits attempted but not as credits earned for SAP calculations to determine rate of completion and maximum timeframe calculations. Financial aid regulations permit students to repeat a course that has been passed (not an "F" grade) only once in order to earn a better grade. Any additional repeats of previously passed courses are not eligible for federal financial aid nor will they be used to calculate the student’s enrollment status for determining federal financial aid eligibility. When a course is repeated, the grade of the most recent repeat will be used for the purposes of calculating CGPA. The "old" grade will remain on the transcript and will be followed by an "R". "R" grades are not used in calculating the CGPA. Repeating courses can have an adverse effect on the student’s rate of completion and maximum timeframe calculations and may affect the student’s ability to meet SAP requirements.