College Governance

The governance structure of Goodwin College allows for faculty to share responsibility for the quality of the curriculum, instruction and other instructional policies and procedures that are critical to the successful operations of the College. Full-time faculty members are expected to participate in Faculty Senate, Department and Program level meetings, and at least one Tier 1 or Tier 2 Governance Committees. All meetings are open to part-time faculty members, as well. Academic policies are submitted to the Academic Affairs Committee. The College Committee on Assessment reviews the quality of academic programs. Membership on both of these Tier I committees is voluntary and the committees strive for the majority of members to have faculty status. The Chair of Faculty Senate serves as a permanent member of the Academic Affairs Committee, the College Leadership Council and the Board of Trustees. For more information about Faculty Senate, such as the meeting dates and by-laws, refer to the College website ( Governance committee meetings are posted on the College events calendar. Individual departments maintain schedules of curriculum and program meetings (check the individual department websites or contact the Department Chair).