Professional Development

You are encouraged to participate in professional development opportunities that allow you to become more effective instructors and to further develop in your areas of expertise in your field. Attendance at workshops and professional meetings is a factor considered in the annual performance and salary review. You should submit a summary of your professional development activities during the academic year to the Department Chair as part of your annual performance review. Copies will be provided to Human Resources for placement in your employment file.

Release time is provided for professional development activities (e.g., workshops, conferences, and seminars) at the discretion of the Department Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. You are responsible for arranging for and providing class coverage and communicating the details of the arrangement to the Department Chair well in advance of the scheduled event. With prior management approval, the College will cover the cost of professional development activities as well as reimburse for appropriate expenses as determined by the nature and extent of the meeting or workshop.