Performance Management

Goodwin College is strongly committed to excellence and depends upon its faculty to uphold the highest professional standards. The College strives for an environment of trust, unquestioned integrity and genuine concern for the welfare of itself and its students.

The performance review program is an annual process that enables faculty members to receive written, formal feedback regarding their performance for the previous year. The intent of the performance review is to recognize faculty's efforts during the year, provide an opportunity for career enhancement, provide constructive feedback on performance, and correct performance that is not meeting the College’s standards.

Faculty evaluations serve to reinforce and help faculty meet their teaching, service and scholarship goals associated with their academic rank or aspirations. Department Chairs are to ensure that all full-time faculty members are evaluated annually whenever possible. Part-time faculty and adjuncts are evaluated formally at least once a year, preferably during the first semester.

The academic leader conducting the evaluation will use a Faculty Performance Evaluation process that may consist of some or all of the following:

  1. Classroom or Online Observation(s)
  2. Self-Appraisal
  3. Manager Appraisal
  4. Professional Development Plan/Update

In addition, students are requested to evaluate faculty members every semester. The results, if any, will be shared with you electronically. We recommend that you save these student evaluations in a secure location if you would like to refer to them again in the future.

Finally faculty may be requested to participate in periodic reviews of peers and/or supervisors to ensure a 360-degree view of organizational performance.