Welcome from the President

Dear Colleague:

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you as you begin your employment with Goodwin College. Thank you for joining our team! As a member of our educational community, we want you to embrace our philosophy and mission, recognize your individual authority and responsibilities, as well as understand our policies, practices, and benefits. To be effective, even experienced professionals must continuously strive to stay acquainted with our dynamic institution.

Goodwin College offers, we believe, a very special environment. We are dedicated to personal and professional growth for our students as well as our staff and faculty. We honor service to others – both inside and outside the walls of the College. First and foremost, we are a learning community. We believe that we are all students, seeking greater awareness, greater understanding, open to all sides of a question. Because we are all students, and it makes it easier to properly regard our largely adult student body as our equals, even as we mentor and guide them through their programs.

While employment is a specific objective of each academic program, we are also committed to each student’s total development, which includes academic, social and creative talents. The curriculum, therefore, is directed toward enabling each student to attain proficiency in skills and to achieve the knowledge, self-confidence, skills and poise necessary to meet the demands and challenges of today’s work environment. The coursework is challenging. It needs to be – all the more reason why we seek to always be compassionate, human, and caring to students and to each other.

If this view of a College seems a bit unusual, we have done our job. I extend to you my personal best wishes for your success and happiness at Goodwin College.


Mark Scheinberg, President